State of the Nation 2010

Appendix A: Research and Development Sub-Priorities

Recommended by the Science, Technology and Innovation Council and endorsed by the Minister of Industry in 2008

Research and Development Sub-Priorities

Priority Areas

Sub-Priority Themes

Sub-priorities listed above are not ranked within or across categories.



  • health
  • energy
  • security

Cleaner methods of extracting, processing and utilizing hydrocarbon fuels, including reduced consumption of these fuels

Natural Resources and Energy

Energy production in the oil sands


  • resource production
  • climate change adaptation
  • monitoring

Biofuels, fuel cells and nuclear energy

Health and Life Sciences

Regenerative medicine


Health in an aging population

Biomedical engineering and medical technologies

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs)

New media, animation and games

Wireless networks and services

Broadband networks

Telecom equipment